Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Final Harvest

Focus verses: Revelations 14:1-16:21

This section of the Book of Revelations speaks of the hope of the faithful and the wrath of God on the unrighteous. It opens with the righteous safely ensconced with the Lamb upon Mount Zion. They are singing the song that only the righteous know. They are out of the way of the wrath of God.

Three angels herald what is to come. The first urges the worship of God to those not yet among the redeemed. The second proclaims the fall of Babylon the wicked who led mankind into all kinds of sin. The third proclaims the judgment of God on those who continue to follow the wicked ways of the beast.

Then we see the person of Jesus, sitting on a cloud and at the call of an angel, He swings his blade over the earth to harvest it. Then a second angel comes from the temple with a sickle in his hand, and a third angel tells the second angel to harvest the grapes. The second angel does as bidden and the grapes are tossed into the winepress of God's wrath.

Then seven more angels carry the fulfillment of God's wrath in seven bowls. Personal sores on the bodies of the wicked, a sea of blood, rivers of blood, scorching heat, total darkness, false miracles, and finally lightening, thunder and earthquake. Total destruction.

Our God is great, mighty, powerful, majestic and terrifying in His wrath. There is no escape. And those who are His chosen ones do not wish to escape. They are with Him in His triumph over the wickedness of this world.

Father, God,

Keep us ever righteous in Your eyes. Help us to remain steadfast and faithful in the wickedness of this world. Let us be the small lights of God in the darkness of this present evil.
In Jesus' most precious name.

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