Monday, July 20, 2009

Promise Fulfilled

Focus verses: Isaiah 61:1-3

This passage proclaims the coming Messiah. Jesus Himself tells us that when he reads from Isaiah's scroll in the temple at Nazareth. "Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing."

Isaiah is speaking of both himself (this is what he has been commissioned of the Lord to do) and of the coming Messiah. Their purposes are the same purpose: to proclaim the salvation of the Lord to the world.

This promise has been fulfilled. But it is still being fulfilled. The purpose of the Christian is to be Christ-like. Therefore this commission is what God has called all of us to do. We have been anointed to preach the Good News, the gospel of our Lord.

It is our task to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives, to proclaim the day of vengeance of our God.

How are we fulfilling this job description? Do we proclaim the good news to all we meet? Are we kind and tenderhearted towards the poor and brokenhearted? Are we proclaiming the day of vengeance of our Lord?

Judgment is coming. The Lord will have a court date with this world. By our tolerance of aberrant behavior and our mealy-mouthed, puny objections to wrong in our justice system, we have failed to proclaim the day of the Lord's vengeance. We do no one any favors when we keep silent. We are to speak out - in love - the truth of God.

Things he calls "abomination" must not be tolerated. What he calls "sin" should be seen as evil in our sight and those practices at least discouraged, if not eradicated.

Silence in the name of tolerance is intolerable. We have been commissioned to speak. Let us speak truth to all around us - always with Your love.

Father, God,

Give us the courage of Your convictions and Your truth. Make us bold to speak Your will throughout the land. Grant us a tender heart for those who have not heard, do not know, or have been led astray from Your paths.
In Jesus' most precious name.


Andrea said...

Great post. I am trying to live out my life as an example to others. I am still a work in progress.
Growing with grace, andrea

Judith Robl said...

Thanks, Andrea.

We are all very much works in progress. It's just that the goal seems so overwhelming some of us have a tendency to just give up.

Grace and peace,