Monday, August 17, 2009

False Prophets

Focus verses: Ezekiel 13:1-16

Being a prophet is a fearful thing. One must be very careful to speak only what the Lord has spoken or shown in a vision.

When a prophet has had some little success in this, it is easy to be drawn away into wishful thinking and create visions of his own. But there is a dire consequence for this.

The Lord's hand is against all false prophets. They will be cut off from the house of Israel (and by extension from the grafted in gentiles of the church). Their names will not be listed in the records of the house of Israel. The Lord will send a violent storm to destroy the false prophecies and the false prophets.

The Lord's wrath will fall hard upon the false prophet. So if you have the gift of prophecy, you need to be very sure that the words of your mouth are coming from Him and not from your own wishful thinking.

Father, God,

Grant us discernment in the cacophony of life to hear Your voice clearly at all times. Speak to us with love and direction. We will listen, obey, and teach only Your words.
In Jesus' most precious name.


Wendy said...

Yes, a word or a vision, or dream is not to be taken lightly.
The responsibility in receiving and sharing what God has placed in your Spirit is grave and should't be taken lightly.
Like your prayer said,"Grant us discernment".

Judith Robl said...

Thank you, Wendy, for your comment.

I believe there is too little discernment at work in this world at the moment. We are too distracted by the other things in life to give God the time and attention we need to give Him in order to have His discernment.