Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gathering Again

Focus verses: Jeremiah 32:36-41

After all the righteous anger of the Lord has been poured out on the children of Israel, God makes this promise to them. There will be restoration.

The nub of this promise is His commitment to give them a singleness of heart and action so that they would always reverence Him and fear Him - for their own good. The promise is an everlasting covenant for them and their children (descendants).

God rejoices in being able to do good for His children - just like any good parent. It grieves Him when He must chastise us. It pleases Him when we put ourselves in right standing with Him so that He can do us good.

Our resolution should be to become faithful children of God. Revering Him, acknowledging His power and sovereignty. To preclude His having to chastise us with His wrath and bring about restoration. Restoration can begin today!

Father, God,

Help us never to stray from Your precepts. Keep us ever close to You so that we may not be scattered among the nations.
In Jesus' most precious name.

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