Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Holiness and Calling

Focus verses: Ezekiel 16:1-22

This picture of the unfaithful wife is a picture of Jerusalem in Ezekiel's day. But it is also a picture of the modern church.

We have built up our own holiness in our own minds until we forget that we have no holiness. We have only the Lord's grace and mercy.

We build buildings and outreach programs. All of them are doomed to failure unless they are breathed of God. We put our words on the airwaves and our books on store shelves, and we pat ourselves on the back saying "what a good person am I."

What we ought to be doing is hiding our heads in shame at our puny fame and fortune. These things are all for the kingdom of this world. They have little to do with the kingdom of God.

Oh, there are people who are writing God's words and being absolutely faithful to the calling of God on their lives. They are, however, a minority as far as I can see.

People are preaching what the public wants to hear, not the word of God as written in His holy book. The public is being confused by the diverse voices and the conflicting suggestions and directions.

One can only know what God wants of him when he, himself, takes the time to sit in the presence of God and listen without all the interruptions and noise of this world. Closet time with God is essential to being faithful to one's calling. And everyone has a calling from the Lord.

You may be called as a housewife or an executive. You may be called as a mechanic or a financier. You may be called to hospitality or to the gift of teaching. Whatever your gift, God has given it to you for the benefit of His church. Your faithfulness to that call is your key to a "well done, thou good and faithful servant."

Father, God,

Help us to set aside time for You in our lives. Keep us faithful to that which You have given each of us as our personal task. Let us hear you clearly amidst the noise of life.
In Jesus' most precious name.

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Andrea said...

Yes, we must take the time to sit with our Heavenly Father and soak in HIM and HIS word.