Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Question Each Must Answer

Focus verses: Matthew 16:13-23

This scripture is the heart of the gospel. Exactly who is this Jesus?

Peter gives the correct answer. "You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God." At least that's part of the correct answer. The other part needs to add: "You are the Lord of my life."

You see, even Satan knows that Jesus is the Son of God. All the demons of hell know that He is the Anointed One. But it makes no difference to them. They go on their merry way, making their fiendish mischief, wreaking havoc wherever they can.

Only when Jesus is the Lord of our lives can we be pleasing to Him. We hear His voice and obey His wishes. We can do things in His name, just like the apostles did if we have the faith the apostles had.

Look at Peter in this passage. He gives Jesus the answer to "who do you say that I am?" And Jesus calls him blessed because the Father has revealed this truth to him. And in the next breath - or at least the next few verses - we see Peter being chastised.

Jesus has just told them that He will be persecuted, prosecuted and executed, that He will die and be raised again to life. Peter takes Him aside to argue with Him.

Excuse me!! You want to argue with God? How profitless is that! God and therefore Jesus knows all that was and is and is to come. His knowledge is limitless and perfect. He never forgets to put the right name with the right face like so many of us do. He knows how many hairs we have on our heads.

When we argue with God, we become the enemy. God wants our love and our loyalty, not our disobedience and dispute.

Peter answered the question correctly, but he didn't put it into practice. He had his own ideas of what the Messiah should be and was very upset at the picture Jesus painted.

When we give God first place in our lives, we must be willing to give up our preconceived notions and listen to what He tells us about the present and the future.

Father, God,

Give us the wisdom to answer You correctly when you ask Your place in our lives. Grant us the dedication to seek only Your will, not our own, at all times and in all circumstances.
In Jesus' most precious name.

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