Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Road To Emmaus

Focus verses: Luke:24-13-35

The story of Jesus' appearance on the road to Emmaus has always fascinated me. How could someone be walking with Jesus and not recognize Him?

The two were walking along, talking about the events of the past three days - or perhaps even the past week, beginning with Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. It had been quite a roller coaster ride from the triumphant Hosannas of Sunday last to the mockery of the trial and the desolation of the death and burial of Jesus' body. Imagine the utter defeat the followers of Jesus were feeling.

Cleopas and his companion were not the close disciples, but were evidently part of all the others. They were talking, as most of us do, about the things a newspaper would report - just the facts as they appeared on the surface.

But those facts were only a small part of the story of Jesus' redemption of mankind. The mind of God is behind these events. Although they look like utter destruction, there is a larger purpose behind this atrocity. The facts are just the surface. The purpose is in the spiritual realm.

Too often, we find ourselves looking at just the surface. If you will remember Job, there is always a battle waging in the spiritual realm. Job had no idea why the tragedies befell him. He couldn't see into the spiritual realm. He didn't have the Paraclete to comfort and advise him.

We do have the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, with us always. If our attention is distracted by the surface of how things look, we will not discern the larger purpose behind the events of the day.

Our attention needs to focus on the word of God so that we can see the work of God in our daily lives. Look for Jesus on every road you travel.

Father, God,

Keep our eyes focused on You. Help us not to be distracted by surface appearances, but always to see the spiritual ramifications of each event.
In Jesus' most precious name.

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Andrea said...

I am very thankful GOD gives us the Holy Spirit to help us discern.