Sunday, November 1, 2009

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Focus verses: Matthew 14:22-32

This passage occurs just after the feeding of the five thousand. Jesus had just performed a very tangible miracle witnessed by and benefiting many. But He doesn't hang around waiting for accolades. The praise of people is not a factor in what He does - only the will of the Father has meaning and substance for Him.

So He sends the disciples away and slips off to commune with the Father. The disciples are wakened by a storm at sea. And Jesus comes to them through the storm - walking on the water.

When the disciples saw Him, they were afraid because they didn't recognize Him in the storm. But he spoke to them, and they were comforted. Peter, with his usual enthusiasm and bravado, asked Jesus to bid him come to Him. And he started out well, looking at Jesus, walking on the water.

Then he was distracted by the storm and began to sink. He had to call to Jesus for help again. So Jesus reached out His hand and caught him.

How like Peter we often are. Jesus has said He would never leave us or forsake us. He promises us that there will be trouble in this world, but that He has overcome the world.

As long as we look to Him and fill our hearts with Him, we will be secure. When we begin to look at our problems and the troubles of the world, they seem overwhelming because we know that we are inadequate to fix them.

How often do we fail to recognize Him in the midst of our troubles? When we have lost sight of Him, even for a moment, we have a period of disorientation when we try to refocus on Him. How much simpler it is to keep our eyes focused on Him in the first place and to take no notice of the storm around us.

He is never inadequate. Therefore we need never worry. After all, worry is praying to the wrong god. When we focus on a fear, the enemy will use every opportunity to take advantage of that fear.

We need to keep our eyes on the Savior. He is the way through all trouble, the light in all darkness, the truth in the midst of lies.

Father, God,

Save us from the distractions of this world that would take our attention from You. Keep our eyes focused on the Savior. Help us to put earthly difficulties into eternal perspective.
In Jesus' most precious name.

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