Monday, February 2, 2009

Glory, Glory

Focus verses: Exodus 40:34,35

"The Glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle."

Again we're into details. Eight time we see the Isrealites did "as the Lord commanded." They followed their instructions in every specification.

When it was all completed, then the glory of the Lord filled the temple. So how do we apply this to our lives today? Well, there's obedience. No, it's not a dirty word. Obedience to the Lord is more to be desired than sacrifice.

So it wasn't the sacrifices themselves that brought the Lord into the temple. It was the obedience of the people.

He has promised to dwell with us, within in us, if we let Him. But any scrap of disobedience makes our hearts unfit to tabernacle the Lord. Try as we might, we are inadequate to be completely obedient to the Lord. That's where the blood of Christ atones for us. He takes on our sin and covers us with His righteousness.

Only with a heart bent toward obedience and a reliance on the blood of Christ can we hope to experience the Glory of the Lord in the tabernacle of our hearts.

Father, God,

Help us to hear and be swift to obey. Grant us the grace to acknowledge our shortcomings and the faith to believe that Christ atoned for them all.
In Jesus' most precious name.

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