Sunday, February 22, 2009


Focus verses: Numbers 15:30,31

Today's readings talk about offerings for sin. God knows that we are fallible and will fall short of His designs for us. But he prescribes a method for bringing us back in to fellowship with Him. At least these readings detail those methods for the children of Israel.

We have a different mode of reconciliation. Jesus Christ. Because of His atoning death on the cross of Calvary, we can come directly to God with our failings, repent directly to Him, and ask His forgiveness.

And we can receive that forgiveness if we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Our response to that forgiveness should be a turning from those sins and a renewed mind to follow the precepts of the Lord.

That's the way it should work.

But there is a terrible caveat in today's readings as well. The focus verses say that if someone sins defiantly, he blasphemes God and his guilt remains on him.

We seem to live in a society today where people sin deliberately, wantonly, defiantly. And we remain tolerant of their sins in the name of diversity. We fail to speak out when people defy God, and we act oblivious to the fact that when we remain silent, we are complicit with their sins.

Father, God,

Let us not grieve Your Holy Spirit with sins either of omission or commission. So touch us with Your love that our constant response is obedience to You and love for Your people - a love that speaks the truth of Your salvation.
In Jesus' most precious name.

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