Monday, February 9, 2009

A Peculiar People

Focus verses: Numbers 18:1-32

Dissension is common to most families. The Israelites are no exception. Some of the Levites rose up in jealousy against Moses and Aaron. They forgot that Moses and Aaron were in their positions because God had put them there. When the rebellious Levites rose up against Moses and Aaron, they rebelled against God.

When we rebel against authority we set ourselves against God.

Order in the family is God's design. Children are to obey parents. Husbands and wives are to love one another. Wives are to be submissive. Husbands are to be sacrificial. This doesn't mean that parents are more valuable than children or husbands more valuable than wives. It does mean that in God's order there are differences of responsibility. Our responsibility is to God.

The Aaronic priesthood could not function properly without the support of the Levites in maintaining the Tent of Meeting. And without the priestly sacrifices, the Tent of Meeting would be just another set of curtains waving in the breeze.

We are fallen creatures, frequently discontented andrebellious. We should remember that there is divine purpose in God's order and division of labor. If we are doing our own jobs properly there will be little time for discontent and rebellion.


Help us learn to be content with Your plans for us. Keep us faithful to the responsibilities You have assigned us.
In Jesus' most precious name.

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