Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Focus verses: 1 Samuel 17:25-31

Today's reading tells the legendary story of David and Goliath. David, the small shepherd boy, and Goliath, the nine-foot-tall giant, meet on the field of battle. They were not well matched. David had his sling and five smooth stones. Goliath wore heavy armor, had a shield bearer going before him and wielded a bronze javelin.

David's stone, however, killed the giant before he could hurl the javelin. He died. David slew Goliath with five smooth stones.

There is more here than meets the eye. There was no magic in David's smooth stones. David's motives and attitude made the difference. He is incensed that this Philistine should defy the army of the Living God.

He speaks forth boldly that the battle is the Lord's. He gives the Lord credit for the victory before the battle begins. And the Lord gives him the victory.

When we come up against our own giants, we need to remember just who is really in charge. Nothing happens without God's permission. That's not to say that every thing man does is God's will, but God allows man free choice. And God has made provision for the consequences of those choices.

There is no action so vile, so heinous, that God cannot redeem the circumstance to the benefit of the body of Christ. We need to remember God is the victor in all our battles, especially if we do His will, not ours.

Father, God,

Help us to face the battles of this life with a strength of purpose that shows our confidence in You. Keep us from presumption upon your blessings and favor. Give us the grace to recognize the battle in terms of eternity. Grant us the power to follow through with Your plans.
In Jesus' most precious name.

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