Saturday, March 14, 2009

Keeping The Kept Promises

Focus verses: Joshua 21:43-45

Today's verses chronicle the mapping of the new territory of the Israelite clans and the division of that territory to the individual families. The meets and bounds descriptions of each parcel delineate each family's land specifically. Cities within those territories are enumerated.

And the ownership of those territories was decided by casting lots in the presence of the Lord.

Even after God gave them the territory, there was much to do. The land had to be tended by the new owners.

Do we forget that even though God provides something for us, the upkeep is left to us? God has given us salvation, but we are to work it out in fear and trembling. God has given us His son as our redeemer, but we must come to Him. He will not invade us.

God has given us a vision for our lives, but we don't get it on a silver platter. We must roll up our sleeves and do the next thing. Most of all, we need to spend a portion of each day with the Lord.

Our faith is unable to support us if we fail to feed it regularly with substantive portions of the word. We need to map our territory, and then we need to hold it.

Father, God,

Help us to be faithful stewards of the faith You have given us. Teach us to set our boundaries and defend our territory. And give us the wisdom to do all that You would have us do.
In Jesus' most precious name.

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