Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Lord, My Strength

Focus verses: Psalm 18

David has conquered Jerusalem and taken his place as king of Israel. He has defeated the Philistines again because he consulted with the Lord before undertaking the battle.

Here we have another of David's songs of praise to the Lord. It begins with a declaration of love for the Lord. Then it moves to the Lord's help in adversity.

This Psalm is a favorite because of the Lord's protection in dire circumstances. When the world is bleak and black, the Lord is faithful. In our distress, we call to Him and He hears us. He snatches us out of the hands of the enemy. His power and might reassure us that nothing is more powerful than He.

David ends this Psalm with a paean of praise. The Lord lives! We do not worship a dead idol. Our God is alive and watching out for us.

In times of personal turmoil, the Lord is our rock and our fortress. When we rely on Him, we are victorious over any circumstance.

Father, God,

Thank You for being our rock and our salvation. Remind us always of Your presence and Your love. Keep us ever faithful in our love for You.
In Jesus' most precious name.

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