Monday, April 13, 2009

Political Intrigue

Focus verses: 2 Samuel 14:25 - 15:6

The story of Absalom and David is a study in political intrigue. First Absalom is banished from the kingdom. Then he is allowed to return, but denied audience with the king, his father. For two years he waits. Then he is allowed to see the king. And he waits for four more years.

But he wasn't just waiting. During the first two years, he was making sure he looked good to all the land. During the last four years, he was actively campaigning to steal the hearts of Israel. People in general are so impressed with outward appearance, that this was not too hard a job.

But Absalom's purpose was self-aggrandisement, not the glory of God.

Sounds like someone else we know. The enemy of the faithful uses these same tactics. He is content to wait, not making many waves, quietly making himself popular. Then he takes over. When we look around we're surprised to find ourselves down the wrong road.

Our only defense is to be aware of his tactics and learn to look at things from an eternal perspective. If we learn to hear the Holy Spirit, the enemy will not be able to lead us astray.

Father, God,

Tune our eyes and ears to see and hear as You would have us see and hear. Keep us always alert to the wiles of the enemy. Grant that our hearts may always be faithful to You.
In Jesus' most precious name.

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