Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Something's Missing

Focus verses: 2 Samuel 19:5-23

Murder, mayhem, treachery and deceit. The nation of Israel in anarchy. Today's reading is a chronicle of the political and military aftermath of Absalom's death.

But one thing is missing. Never once does it say David inquired of the Lord. David listens to other advisors, but he doesn't ask the Lord. Without the Lord's guidance, the nation is in distress.

Conspicuously absent also is the evidence of any Psalm coming from this time line. If God inhabits the praises of His people, you'd think that psalms of thanksgiving for the victory or praise of the Lord's deliverance would be in order.

I wonder how much bloodshed could have been avoided had the king asked the Lord's advice rather then man's.

But I digress. The whole point is to ask of the Lord first. We need to be seeking the Lord's will at all times, but most especially when we are in chaos or the aftermath of serious events.

David should have been triumphant. He had won back his place as king of Israel. Things should have been going his way. It would seem that he got caught up in the politics and intrigues without the benefit of God's direction.

We, too, can ge caught up in the moment of experience and forget to seek the Lord. We get advice from everyone on the block, but we fail to avail ourselves of the only advice that counts.

Father, God,

Keep us ever close to You. Remind us of Your presence, and nudge us to seek you at all times. Give us the wisdom to know our limits and the courage to ask and hear from You.
In Jesus' mos precious name.

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