Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Focus verses: Psalm 112

We've heard the old saw "virtue is it's own reward." This psalm expounds on that theme using the concept of righteousness.

All virtue and righteousness spring from a love and reverence for the Lord, from an appreciation of and adherence to his ordinances. Blessings follow the person who does as the Lord desires.

Obedience to the Lord simplifies our lives.

When we tell the truth, we have no need of an exceptional memory to keep from tripping ourselves up.

When we are generous with others, we hold money lightly enough not to let it become our ruler and make us slaves.

When we are compassionate with others, we reflect the compassion of God for us. Having been made in the image of God, our highest goal should be to reflect the person of God to this hurting world.

Father, God,

Turn our hearts toward You. Grant that we may be generous with all Your hurting world, being suitable ambassadors for Christ.
In Jesus' most precious name.

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